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Road Salt
In winter, most municipalities use road salt to provide better tire traction on ice and snow, and prevent cars from skidding on slippery roads.  Some advantages of road salt use are that it creates safer roads by melting snow and ice, and creating a layer of “brine” between the snow (or ice) and the road.  This prevents the snow from sticking to the road surface, making it easier to remove snow and ensure the safe flow of traffic.  The use of road salt, however, also contributes to the corrosion of automobiles, can damage road structures such as bridges, and may also have a negative environmental impact on groundwater and vegetation if used excessively.

The Board of Selectmen has asked the Town’s Winter Road Maintenance Contractor to balance the need for salt with keeping roads safe and passable, while using the minimum road salt needed.  This means the roads will not always be completely snow free and normal caution for driving on snow and ice covered roads should be used.

The Road Agent serves as an advisor to the Board of Selectmen on snow removal issues and works directly with the snow removal contractor.  We continue to monitor the use of salt on our roads to ensure that the minimum amount is used to make the roads safe and passable and to prevent potential environmental impact.


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