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PD - Scam Info.
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Last Updated: 2016/9/1
Dear Residents,

It seems that numerous residents have been getting scam telephone calls.  Please pass on the information to anyone that would be helped by it and/or you believe may fall for one of these scams.  In addition to scams, I also included information on identity theft, including someone filing taxes using your social security number.

The scam telephone calls range from subjects claiming to be from the IRS, the U.S. Treasury, or even police and corrections officers.  

There is also an internet “Secret Shopper” scam which involves you first having signed up for the service. The scammers then send you a counterfeit cashier’s check or money order (often from the U.S. Postal Service). They then tell you to take some of the money for your fee and send the rest back to them. This same thing happens with other scams to include scammers contacting you in regards to your Craigslist posts.

There are numerous “Lottery” scams.  The prize could be money, trips, etc.  They will all ask you to send them money in some format, typically as a “fee.”

There are scams specifically directed at the elderly.  The caller either claims to be the person’s grandchild or the police saying that their grandchild needs money for bail.

The attached file has more information and links about the various scams as well as links about how to report the scams directly to the government agencies that track these scams.

It should be known that tracking these offenders is extremely difficult as most are overseas and use spoofing and blocking technology.  It is possible that when someone calls you that their caller ID will identify themselves as the IRS, U.S. Treasury, or a police department using this technology.

Never send money to anyone that you do not personally know.

Please contact us if you have been the victim of a scam and lost money, or for any other questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Lt. Ryan Veno


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(603) 926-4618
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