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This table is used for column layout.
Recyclable Items Collected
Aluminum Cans
Beer and soda cans, small cat and dog food cans
No aluminum foil
No baking or roasting pans
Rinse beverage cans and wash out pet can residue. Crush and place in recycling bin
Green, brown and clear glass bottles or jars
No other colors of glass accepted. No light bulbs, glasses, plates, window panes
Remove caps and wash out any food residue. Place in recycling bin.
Nearly any paper product: Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, stationery, envelopes, cereal boxes
No carbon paper, paper soiled with food or oil, non-paper materials (such as wax paper or plastic wrappings)
Place in brown paper grocery bags. Newspapers may be stacked loosely in bin or beside it. Protect from rain.

#1- PETE OR PET- used for  most clear beverage bottles
 #2- EDPE- Used for "cloudy" milk and water jugs, opaque food bottles
 #3- PVC or V- Used in some cling wraps, some "soft" bottles.
#4- LDPE- used in food storage bags and some "soft" bottles.
 #5- PP- used in rigid containers, including some baby bottles and some cups and bowls.
 #6- PS- used in foam "clam-shell" type containers, meat and bakery trays, and in its rigid form- clear take out containers, some plastic cutlery and cups.
 #7- Other- used in 5-gallon water bottles, some baby bottles and some metal can linings.
Soda bottles, food trays, milk and water jugs and colored detergent and other rigid plastic containers marked #2-#7 on bottom.
No bottle caps. No oil or other petroleum derivative containers
Remove caps, rinse, crush and place in recycling bin
Steel / TIn Cans
Any food tin or can
No container that has held fuel or hazardous material
Wash out and place in bin. Crush if possible.
Any corrugated cardboard cartons, brown or white
Cartons must be flattened (accepted at curb side if placed in small 2' by 2' bundle tied with string)
Bring to cardboard dumpster at rear 3 Drinkwater Road


Town of Hampton Falls, 1 Drinkwater Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
(603) 926-4618
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