Town of Hampton Falls
1 Drinkwater Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
ph: 603-926-4618
Solid Waste Disposal
How and when to dispose
Household Trash
Non hazardous materials unsuitable for recycling
Leave out at curb Thursday night with recycling bin for early Friday pickup. Limit is 4 trash bags or two Trash cans. No leaves, grass, brush or hazardous waste
Yard Waste
Leaves, grass, clippings, dead plants and weeds
No longer accepted at Town dump. Try starting a compost pile. Information on composting is available at Town Hall and at the Library
Small and large tree brances or bushes
Take to Town Brush Dump any Saturday, 10-4, April 1-November 30. Special opening for Christmas trees
"White Good" and bulky items
Appliances, rugs, furniture, bikes and other items too big to leave out at the curb
The Town holds a Cleanup Day twice a year on a Saturday, 8-2, normally in May and October. Watch the paper for dates. Materials must be hauled to the dump by the resident. $25 fee for freon removal from air conditioners, dehumidifiers and refrigerators
Non-commercial car and truck tires
Accepted at the brush dump on Cleanup day only, twice a year (see above) for $2/tire. Most tire dealers will also dispose for a fee.
Motor Oil
Any engine oil
Accepted for disposal at selected service stations. A list is available at Town Hall
Hazardous Wastes
Paints, solvents, thinners, pesticides, weed killers, poisons, dry cell batteries
Store and take to the annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day held every spring in Hampton. Paint cans may be left open to dry, then put in trash.