Health Officer FAQs

How do I request witnessing of test pits for a new or failed septic system?
Please obtain and complete the form entitled “Request for Rockingham County Conservation District Witness of Test Pits.” This form is to be submitted to the Health Officer with appropriate fees. The Health Officer will then forward the application to the RCCD. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact RCCD to schedule an appointment.

Does the Town of Hampton Falls have a mosquito control program?
Yes. Please obtain a copy of the public notice for Hampton Falls Mosquito Control. Residents who do not want their property treated must contact Dragon Mosquito Control in writing. Please see handout for details

Is there information available regarding eastern Equine Encephalitis and/or West Nile Virus?
Yes. Please obtain a handout of information provided by the NH Department of Health and Human Services for prevention guidelines or click here.

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