Cemetery On-Line Data Base

Directions for looking up cemetery graves

1. Open a web browser and navigate to this address for Crypt Keeper login page.


2. Login with User Name, HFGuest, and password, gravefind.

3. Click on the word Search on the blue menu bar.

4. Enter a complete name, or a first or last name in the top keyword

text box. Alternately, leave the keyword box blank and click under

“Which cemetery?” Choose one of the cemeteries to list all the

graves. Click on the green Search box to display the results.

5. Note the Section, Row and Lot number.

Refer to the printed Cemetery Map to locate the burial lot.


1. The database displays a date of Jan 1 for birth and death if no

other month is known.

2. The database cannot display dates prior to 1753. If a date on

the grave is earlier than 1753, it will be noted in the Remarks.