Conservation Commission

Duties & Responsibilities

The Conservation Commission's duties, as promulgated by NH RSA 36-A include research into local land and water areas, open space and natural, aesthetic or ecological areas, marshlands, swamps, and all other wetlands, and review & comment upon dredge/fill applications that are filed with the NH Department of Environmental Services. The Commission also keeps a sharp eye out for construction along the shore so as to ensure that the NH Shoreland Protection law is respected by all.  In Hampton Falls the Commission is frequently engaged by the Planning Board to review and comment on new developments.

Board Members

Name Title
Mary Ann Hill Member/ Primary Contact
Nancy E. Roka Vice Chairperson
Mark R. Lane Selectman's Representative
Paul Melanson Member
Robert K. Wiener Member
Shawn Hanson Member
Cathy Golas Member
Dale N. Ohsberg Member
James Kibler Member
Karen Ayers Alternate
Glenn Schrempf Alternate
Bethany McEvoy Alternate