Heritage Commission

Establishment & Mission:
The Hampton Falls Heritage Commission was established in March 2008.  Its purpose is to recognize and protect our town’s resources that are valued for their historic, cultural, aesthetic, or community significance.  We are also enjoined to aid the Planning Board in any decisions on a historic property in town.

Commissioners are volunteers appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  Each, except for the Commissioner/ Selectman, is appointed for a three-year term.  Alternates are also appointed for a three-year term.  We are governed by the NH RSAs.

Alternates Welcome!
If you are concerned about our heritage, want to learn about our town’s history and development, please consider joining us.  We are currently working on a historic building survey, research information and publishing our information.  We welcome Commission alternates that can contribute their time to help preserve our historic assets.

Contact the Chairman or the Secretary if you are willing to help. The Heritage Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday monthly at 9:00 AM at Town Hall.

Board Members

Name Title
Beverly Mutrie Chair & Secretary
Mary Ann Hill Commissioner
Phil Chura Commissioner
Edward B. Beattie Selectmen's Representative