Reschedule of Test Ballots and ballot counting to March 7, 2024

Date:               Thursday, March 7, 2024
Time:               9 am - 10 am
Location:         Hampton Falls Town Hall, 1 Drinkwater Road

Re-Schedule of Test Ballots and ballot counting for March 12th Town Election

The testing of the ballots needs to be postponed until Thursday, March 7, as the LAS school ballot has not been received yet. Absentee ballots are not available until the testing is done.

Pre-Election testing pursuant to RSA 656:42:e:1

The Town Clerk and Moderator shall hold a test of the electronic ballot counting device and ballots. This will also include the counting of the ballots

Stephanie Grant, Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Date Posted: 03/4/2024

Posting Locations: Town Hall, Town Website, Post Office, Library