Tax Payments

Can I pay by credit card?

Sorry, we currently cannot process credit cards in our Town Hall Tax office. We can however, accept cash, checks and money orders in our office. If you wish to pay your taxes online with ACH, Credit Card or Debit Card you are able to do so with Fees. The Fees will be calculated and put into your cart to review carefully before you checkout/pay.

I paid my taxes online. Why am I being charged interest?

When using an on line payment service, your bank still sends us a paper check. So, when you entered the date for the taxes to be paid from your bank account, you probably entered the due date printed on the tax bill. That told the bank to print the check on that date not to have it arrive in this office by that date. So by the time the bank prints the check and mails it your payment will arrive late and you will be charged interest.

Do you accept partial payments?


What is the penalty for paying my taxes late?

Simple interest is calculated at an annual rate of 12% and is added daily. So, take your tax balance, multiply it by 0.12 and divide the result by 365. That is the amount of interest added to your account each day.